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The main purpose of this blog is to encourage entrepreneurship among young readers by focusing on self-awareness, personal branding, motivation and blogging topics.

Recently, I have started publishing more short fiction pieces. I am currently working on a larger writing project: a collection of personal essays. If you are interested in it, you can contact me via email.


This is the list of English posts, thanks & enjoy.



The world is about to end

Tom and Tim

Pigeon envy

Seeking a Sea that Heals

Pat and her exam

Feel the Earth move

How to cross a street

Escape Room Is Just A Little Thing Of The List Of Things That Annoyed Him

3 Flash Fiction Stories

Cafeterias are low-cost gate aways for peaceful retreats

What can be extracted from a mirror

Car crash and still alive

Missing signals

He’s bananas


The ultimate test to know how common you are

The fruit bowl

The falling pit where I fell in

How to drop items on the floor


Personal Branding

Create Your Own Personal Branding Logo

The Art of Selling Yourself

The Art of Self Branding, 10 Tips

Reasons Why I Practice Yoga


5 Advantages of Having Your Own Blog

10 Blogs I Consistently Read

12 tips for good writing


Micro trends and a passion for art

5 Books for Every Entrepreneur

Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship

Books I’ve Read in 2014

Breaking Bad And Its Business Model

Bring Your Ideas To Reality

College / Professional Career

I want to leave college… What should I do?

100 alternatives to college

Post-Exchange Depression

You Won’t Be Happy With Your Job Until You Know Thyself

We Have To Choose Where To Be Successful

At What Point Did We Start Taking Control of Our Lives

More (Thoughts in Life)

Our Damn Society by Ujjwal Mohindra

Everything in life is so ephemeral

The Future Rol of Financial Entities and Millennials


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