Car crash and still alive.

Car crash

The sound of the car crashing anticipated in my head before it happened. We were in the inner lane and it made sense to turn left. But the driver, who was seated next to me, paying attention to all of the things except for driving, turned right. Right when he turned right, he switched on the flashing lights. There was a car right beside the right side and it made sense that it would not see us turn right right in time. I was correct because half a second later or what seemed to be faster than usual time we were not moving but we were trapped in the middle of the roundabout. It was about 4.40pm. Twelve hours earlier I woke up to hear another crash but a different kind. It was a door struggling to open without a key. The event lasted just the exact time that we spend in the roundabout. I wonder each day and night if I can skip the key part but I am left with the feeling that even if it goes right it will crash.