Flying nowadays

flying nowadays

“Even if you fly frequently, we ask you to not wear earplugs and pay attention to the following…”
So she went on reading.
The air hostess walked by and said you are not listening.
I am says the girl. It only said not to use earplugs added her.
But you’re not paying attention.
Yes I am replied her before the hostess finished her sentence.
So then go on to explain it replied her.
The girl was shocked. That never happened to her or to anyone she knew.
The hostess grabbed her hand and lifted her up
Go on she said and then screamed to her colleague to switch off the recorded voice. Go on, its your turn.
The girl started to point at every direction and name the things she saw.
Window. Window number two. Seat. Douchebag with a strong perfume I can’t even breathe. A toy. Two doors on the front. One on the back (truth is I never looked if there was another one). Two bathrooms. And me, myself and I.
And she passed out.

The hostess took out her masquerade and gave her thanks. She extended her hand as if begging for a tip. The girl placed her hand above hers but it was a dark hole instead. She saved from crashing. No one around was screaming outside but in her head, everyone had their jaws apart.

She blamed the flying company for the whole experience.