He’s bananas


He took food with him so he could give it to the beggars he finds on his way to work.

He has never found one. But he plays with the idea of finding someone who asks for money so he can give food to them to show how kind and yet thoughtful he is for anticipating their needs.

Oftentimes, the food ends up in the trash.

It has to be just for one reason. Because no one asked at all or either because they wanted money and were given food instead.

Both end up throwing the food.

No one knows why. If the same street cleaner picks all this food up, he might not be able to explain why they throw so much every day. In addition, considering it is always thrown in very good conditions.

No one even knows if he purposely throws a banana in his bag or purse or why he does that.

He must be nuts.

It would be stupid to talk about it with his friends. Isn’t it? That’s why he doesn’t talk about it.

He simply carries food just like someone walks a dog or a boar.

But let’s switch positions before judging someone else’s actions first.

This banana has seen places other bananas haven’t seen.

Imagine how must a plain banana feel. It is only cultivated to end up in a cardboard box. When transported, bananas do not breathe. They sweat among themselves, in the dark, wrapped up in a big plastic bag.

Imagine yourself being transported like this.

Every day is a special day for the banana he takes away. He thought about bringing the piece of fruit just like every other day.

The day ran smoothly with meetings and work until when he did notice time—it was already 5 o’clock.

He grew hungrier when he realized that—hungrier than he had ever been at that time, although he couldn’t understand why.

He had eaten as many times and the exact same amount as he always does. For some reason, though, he needed something more.

As he slid his hand inside his bag and felt the plastic bag, he grabbed the banana that was inside to then lift his eye to see a man approaching him in a slow walk.

The man did not ask for money at all.

The man asked if he had something to eat for him.

He thought about it—too long.

He said that he was sorry, but he never brings food with him. He is not a just-in-case kind of guy who brings each piece of his house with him just to carry around.

His voice broke before he could say his last words.

Noticing this—although there were a few more stops before his—he decided to step down. He drops himself from the metro, leaving his back against it.

When the car leaves, he took the banana out from the plastic bag that was inside his whole bag.

He peeled the whole banana off and when he swallowed the last bite, he turned around to see the man who asked.