How to tell someone you love they are being fake in 20 steps


  1. Say hi
  2. Make sure they look you in the eye
  3. You can only be sure of that if you look back
  4. Hold your gaze (not too intense)
  5. Relax your face and stand casual
  6. Breathe or you’ll die
  7. Ask how is everything
  8. Keep smiling if their answer is longer than expected
  9. Wait to see if they ask back
    1. If not: use that as your next point (Read 10)
    2. If they do: just reply “fine”
  10. Start with the context and make the other person visualize the scene with a sentence beginning like: “You see…” and then you make them see.
  11. Keep looking at them to see how their face changes (Remember: no change at all also gives you information)
  12. Don’t be too harsh on your example(s). To check, ask them how they feel about it
  13. Listen carefully (especially if answer is, again, too long)
  14. If falsehood is included in that answer, point that to them
  15. Do not run away yet. You are doing just fine
  16. Fake sneeze
  17. Ask them if that was real
  18. Real sneeze (you can fake it, but make it seem real)
  19. Don’t ask. They must be proactive: watch their reaction
  20. Fake-listen them from now on if they don’t click with that example