Escape Room is just one little thing of the list of things that annoyed him


He did notice one thing in his life that he was not aware of before he fell in love: little things annoyed him a lot.

He did completely different things. He considered little things so many things. And all of them annoyed him.

It is hard to illustrate, because everyday, he would find new things to hate. But I’ll try to start chronologically. At least, until it pours out enough juice. I’ll start with the first one thing he considers as a hateful little thing from the moment he wakes up: waking up.

Concretely, waking up beside someone. That is the first little thing he hates the most.

Sleeping with someone is just complicated. Waking up with someone is much more complicated when the bed you slept in is lying against the wall and you get the unfortunate side.

Against the wall.

He did not know why he got that side most of the time. Having a person next to him meant that that person was blocking him to the way out. To get out of the door, he then had to use his martial arts.

He had to press his palms against the mattress and then gradually lift his weight up with flexed feet—planking—not to shift the weight to a place that wasn’t there before: that would mean he was moving or he had moved. That would wake up the person sleeping on his side.

He keeps on moving according to his plan.

He lifts his weight up. Next step is either hover a leg or an arm on top of that person to touch the opposite side of the mattress so that he can transfer some weight over there, to complete his mission of really leaving the bed.

He transfers weight.

Once transfer is completed, he has just one more thing to do: hover his whole body to touch the floor, pick up his clothes—if he can find them all in the dark—and step out, dress up and leave the flat. Unnoticed.

He is only grateful this is not his house. That would be a major mistake he has long learned not to commit again.

He just had to do that: escape.

He pictures his body doing that, while still hovering, and yet another body just like him cheering him(self) up, clapping in silence. Ironically, that other body that looked just as his, was making noise but only he could hear him.

It was a silent clone.

He pictured all that so that he could stay aware of what was going to happen next.

This entire mission brought him excitement. All the excitement brought him more excitement.

He ended up excited.

His excitement blocked him on the way of hovering out of the bed and excitement met that person.

That person wakes up. That person turns around and looks up to see an excited person on top. Both froze as if both were caught doing something naughty.

Him, not knowing what to do next, figured it was too late to escape. He expected all of the things from that person.

A slap. A scream. A spit. A silence.

Instead, he was met being taken care of all that excitement. He felt guilty for that many undeserved kindness. That person took all the time that person could to take care of him. He ended up not caring about time.

Forgetting what his mission was, his body collapsed and gave up.

He dropped all his weight but instead of touching the mattress, he felt that vertigo from when you fall dreaming within a dream and he woke up alone, finding he had no mission to complete today.

He then realized he hated not having anything to escape from much more.