How To Drop Items On The Floor


Imagine this is how the store looks like from the inside. Although this is not a store. It is a restaurant I attended a year ago. It has nothing to do with Mexicans either. I just like the picture.

He always stopped whenever I got at the same exact spot from the store.

The store reminded him of a large-sized Mexican store he had seen years ago at his parents’ bedroom as a miniature sculpt. It was supposed to be a souvenir gift that they had bought themselves–just for the sake of it.

He never dared to ask if self-bought gifts count as souvenirs. He figured some people are more indulgent buyers than others. That is what I figured about him.

I figured more, though.

To me, He was Adam.

Adam stopped when he saw me this morning at the store as he always does. I was not aware of his presence until I heard the loud noise his bicycle does it stops.

It is the most annoying sound I have ever heard.

It sounds as if an air instrument—of any kind—had crashed into an accident with another air instrument—of any kind. I dropped everything I was carrying on my arms as I always do when I get scared like that.

I dropped an orange, five mangoes, two octopuses and countless rice milk.

The liquid got spilled and swallowed by the street drainer. I think it was also me who dropped seven onions and twelve carrots.

I fed the ground.

I knew something would happen and it would end with me dropped on the floor by accident. I forgot to mention that the milk was in a glass container. It splashed on the floor breaking into million pieces as it crashed my soul

realizing that

he stops

because of

the store.

I should have known but I have never stopped to watch how beautiful this store was. I took one octopus by the head and it made a squishy sound. I shivered.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I met the eyes of a woman that seemed annoyed I dropped that many items on the floor.

She then switched her expression to a lovable smile.

Too late, there is no room for friendliness, I said.

I turned around to walk my way back and I felt her smile burning at the back of my neck. It bothered be for five seconds.

I carried the octopus home to remind me about the man I loved.