Tom and Tim

tom and tim flash fiction

Tom and Tim have no necks, no hands and no feet. Actually, they did. But I was too lazy to draw them. Actually, I was not skillfully enough to draw them properly. Actually, they drew themselves.

Tom and Tim are brothers. Tom and Tim share everything.

Tom and Tim share a secret and I think I am the only one who knows about it. Tom and Tim apparently got so confused by each other, that they forgot their morals.

They started to peel each other’s skins to place it above the other. But they couldn’t place it above, because above did not exist anymore. There can’t be above if there’s nothing under.

Tom and Tim switched bodies and now they don’t know who’s Tom and who’s Tim. That’s why I refer them together as Tom and Tim.


Do you like Flash Fiction? Write your own version about Tom and Tim. Who are they? How did they meet? What are they doing? Are they even real? Write something that has exactly 101 words (count them!) and post it in the comment section. If you do, tweet me with the link and #FlashFiction and @nurcosta. If you are too lazy for that–I get it–check out the video announcement I made on Youtube.