Is there such a thing as 'buying too many books'?

Is there such a thing as ‘buying too many books’?

“This was my father’s library.

Throughout my life, we’d all sit down to dinner as a family and talk and books would be pulled down from these shelves and brought to the table to prove, disprove or expand whatever we were talking about.

We all did our homework in this room and used the books as reference material.

Often, when friends came over, my father gave them a book related to the conversation we had held as a parting gift.

This beautiful room which punctuated my life no longer exists.

We recently took it down because he requested in his will that every one of his books be donated to a public library close to his heart.

Books should be loved and read and held and underlined and earmarked and referred to and given away.

Used correctly, you can never have too many books.” – Written by Dushka Zapata


I love the Internet for creating the most amazing writers in this generation and letting everyone in the world access their craft.

I love Quora as well and I check it almost every day.

This morning I found this story and it got me thinking: you see, I’ve never had a library like this at home. My parents are not known for reading a lot.

So I never got to experience that kind of love for literature at home. To me, it has always been a thing I’d do on my own.

Throughout the years, I have been feeling as what I did was wrong: every book I buy makes my parents go nuts. But I always knew I could build a small library on my own. And effortfully pass all that knowledge along.

Dushka’s story moved me a lot. So I kept reading more of her writings in her blog. And you should do it too, because she is skilled and I could never thank her enough for sharing this story with everyone.

And I like to think that her story was the best her father could have had possibly read.