#Reading in August

#Reading in August

Vacation is over. This probably has been the month that I read the most. Don’t be scared: there’s a lot of poetry and a few comics. Not all books are novels.

I read so much because I need to feel I am accomplishing something. Every book I finish is like a personal achievement for moving forward.

But maybe I went a little too overboard.

Here’s the list (in bold, my favorite reads):


How to Be a Woman de Caitlin Moran, Harper Perennial (2012)

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition de Strunk y White, Longman (1999)

La Chica a la Orilla del Mar, 1 de Inio Asano, Milkyway Ediciones (2014)

La Chica a la Orilla del Mar 2 de Inio Asano, Milkyway Ediciones (2014)

La tumba del marinero de Luna Miguel, La Bella Varsovia (2013)

Los estómagos de Luna Miguel, La Bella Varsovia (2015)

Solanin de Inio Asano, Norma Comics (2008)

Nijigahara Holograma de Inio Asano, Milkyway Ediciones (2014)

Making Scenes de Adrienne Eisen, Alt-X Digital Arts Foundation (2002)

Atrévete a ser tu maestro de Suzanne Powell, Sirio (2014)

¡Noticia bomba! de Evelyn Waugh, Compactos Anagrama (1990)


Peregrinaje de Clara Janés, Salto De Pagina (2013)

Leer para ti de Siri Hustvedt, BARTLEBY EDITORES (1900)

Fragments d’un Discurs Amorós de Roland Barthes, Ático de los libros (2015)

One Secret Thing de Sharon Olds, Knopf (2008)

La Universidad Desconocida de Roberto Bolaño, ANAGRAMA (2013)

Tenth of December: Stories de George Saunders, Random House (2014) 


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What have you been reading? Any recommendations?