#Reading in April

#Reading in April

Lots of articles. Less books.

Reason being, because I have been travelling the first half of the month. The other half, because you know, life happened.

This is a very short & simple post, so I’ll just mention a few things I read and a brief description of what’s necessary.



Ellen Pao gender discrimination trial grips Sillicon Valley The Guardian | I had thousands of links about the inequality of women at work in the technological sector & start ups because it was the theme of the month (or last month’s theme), but I don’t want to bore you. So I’ll just leave a couple of more links like this or this one, if you want to read more.

The Workhorse and the Butterfly: Ann Patchett Brain Pickings | On writing and Self-forgiveness as ingredients to create great art.

Delacroix Journal of Solitude Brain Pickings | On the importance of solitude at creative work and on how to resist social distractions.

The Science of Storytelling BufferSocial | On how listening/reading stories affects our brains.

Saving Introverts From the Soul-Destroying Open-Plan Office Bloomberg Business | The title says it all. We all kind of laugh at this idea now: offices for introverts, really? But it may turn out to be better for everyone even in terms of productivity. Here’s a post I wrote about this topic a few weeks ago.

iPhone Killer: The History of Apple Watch WIRED | I find this story fascinating. Then I saw Casey Neistat’s video and it’s going viral. And recently this happened as well.

The rulebook for being a female investor: don’t complain The Verge Back to the initial topic of this post: gender discrimination at work. But this is a post with sense of humor. It was too good to be left out.

WIRED Awake (Wired UK) I discovered it throughout this month. It’s a weekly compilation of most-viewed posts from WIRED.



Eres un Gran Comunicador (pero aún no lo sabes) by Pau-Garcia Milà | It’s a great short and precise Spanish book about communicating ideas properly in public. Pau is a great speaker: so he’s a great writer, because he writes as he talks. Take a look at it, even if you think your Spanish is not fluent enough. It’s worth it.

Old Man & His God by Sudha Murthy | A collection of short stories from an Indian writer. It’s about discovering your inner self and reconnect with your passion. It’s an enriching story for those who want to know more about the indian culture (fears, doubts and worries of the indian culture).

What to Do When its Your Turn (and its Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin | Another inspirational book from him. This time it contains more graphic designs. It’s ok-ish. Though my favorites from the author are still The Dip and The Icarus Deception. Great books.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger | It’s about why things go viral. Jonah also identifies the main patterns and natural tendencies that this phenomenons follow. Highly recommended if you’re interested into generating ideas that go viral.

Oh, yes. I brought with me On the Road by Jack Kerouac while in India. Though I’m only at page 143, I can assure you it’s a beautiful read: lovely prose and highly interesting plot.

What have you been reading this month? Any recommendations?

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