Things I liked about India

Things I liked about India

I was in India from the 28th of March until 12th of April. I wrote a post about it here, where you also have the link of the videos I am making out of the footage recorded.

Today I’d like to share with you a list of things I liked the most about India. This is with the help of the two travel partners that I went along with. Let’s begin the list… of things I liked or rather raised my attention while I stayed there.

1. Children. Their eyes and their smile…

9 Things I liked about India

2. Colors. They rarely wear black clothes. Even the streets.

All is covered with bold colors. It’s like they dress up with their inner colors.

Things I liked about India nurcosta

3. The powerful look of the people. It’s like they’re reading you with their eyes.

And they offer that look to you. They share their grace with you.


4. Gardens and parks. Even the green grass seems to be shining in this country.

things i like about india nur costa

5. Hospitality and welcoming. Not only in terms of conversations –they always begin to talk to you about anything. Alba, for instance, got free advice in a bookstore by a well read customer. I was invited by a woman to sit with her and drink my coffee– but also as hosts. They offer you whatever they have. Even if they have just a blanket. They’d share it with you.

6. Food. I love spices and rice and lentils and vegetables. What else could I ask for. Well, carrot cream soup was missing.

7. They have their nose pierced. And I love that, cause now I want one for myself.

nose pierced things about india

8. They’re proud of their own culture.

proud own culture india a trip things i like

9. They wanted to take pictures with us. And it was funny & lovely at the same time. Even when it got weird ’cause they’d ask Asier -the guy of the group- for permission to take a picture with Alba -the other traveller partner, a girl- and I.

Things I liked about India

10. Everything has personality. Even the dead places look alive.

11. Contrasts. Diversity. You can see a beautiful scenery of a family followed by a guy puking at the other side of the road. All the stink from the floor being touched and played by young beautiful kids.

Things I liked about India nur costa

12. They have the best salesmen on Earth. I don’t know if it’s a positive thing. Cause the first day they got me with the Pashminas. But to be honest, they’re beautiful. So it was worth it. Kinda.

13. They look passionate about life. And happy. I always hated people who would say stuff like that.

Because I found it really pedantic. But at the end you learn so much from them, really.

You see them in this comfortable and happy state of mind they’re in.

And you envy them for a second.

Then you remember about getting your hair or nails done.

Then you’re back to unconformity.

Things I liked about India blog nurcosta

14. They’re curious and don’t pretend otherwise.

Things I liked about India 12

15. Each city is beautiful and disturbing. On one hand, it’s lovely. Alive. Decorated with delicate artwork.

On the other, it’s dirty. Dead. Dark. Sad. Crowded. How come everyone is so happy to see this squalid state?

Things I liked about India 7

16. Taxi drivers are talkative. They’re nice indeed if you don’t take into account the lack of vehicle-spacing sense.

One driver almost ran over a citizen that crossed the street.

“Watch out! You almost killed him” said he.

“No need to worry. Too many people in this country.” said the taxi driver.

India is chaos.