Avoiding Blogging Burnout or how to stay motivated with your blog

Avoiding Blogging Burnout or how to stay motivated with your blog

Burnout could take place in all aspects and moments of your life. Even in those moments or events you’re excited about. It happens when we prioritize something above everything else, regardless of health. It happens when you choose to go for it a 100%.

You will most likely end up hating what you do, because you get to a vicious circle in which you are exhausted, with no energy to feed yourself whatsoever or to sleep.

Burnout occurs when all internal motivation fades. Even if there are external motivations, they will most likely not provide any stimulus. So here are five tips on how to prevent blogging burnout and / or how to keep motivated with your blog.

1. Get organized. Baby steps.

It’s better if you don’t start setting yourself too broad or high goals. Try investing some time each day to your blog (or weekly time, as you prefer it). Don’t get overwhelmed by putting too much pressure on yourself. Take it easy and continuously keep writing to get better and better.

There’s a wide variety of tools you can use. An agenda, a white paper or the fanciest program online such as CoSchedule. Get as fancy as you want. But what really matters is the discipline and the auto diligence that blogging requires. Just act consistently.

2. Find the balance. Do not publish posts just to hit publish.

If you don’t fancy writing something at that moment, don’t do it. Just write anything else, or read. And eventually you’re going to cover that scar that’s been hurting all the time while you started writing about another topic. It happened to me in the past, that I wanted to write a very educational post or an advice post and I kept not finding the words I needed to express what I wanted to say. So I eventually realized I should put that educational post aside and write a more personal one instead.

Everything takes time. So follow your instincts and write about something you feel you must say in this moment. Not to satisfy others, but to enjoy the mere process of writing.

That’s why I have these parameters that I follow of posting at least 2 posts a week. Or to write all posts both in English and Spanish (that makes two posts already, HA!). But apart from this limitation, I don’t set times or publishing dates. I feel I write better when I am allowing myself to be flexible within some fixed parameters. And eventually, I end up writing more than what I had previously planned. Which is always good… so find your freedom within your parameters. It’s a delicate balance.

3. Be more honest. The more it’s in italic, because you should already be honest when you’re writing… So try getting more honest in the topics you write about, the categories and what content you want to share with your readers. There’s no value in writing a post where you don’t show yourself a little bit. It has to move your reader’s feelings… and if it doesn’t move your own feelings, chances are everyone is going to get bored. The great thing to do is to give advice from one’s perspective. Not only to contribute in your personal branding, but also to add more value to the content you’re generating.

4. Have fun. If blogging is your hobby, enjoy it!

At the moment you stop having fun with what you’re doing, you should treat yourself for a little change. Even if it’s re-branding your blog (layout, brand logo, positioning) or your writing style offering a more transparent “me”.

Navigate through links that are on your interest, search photographs that could be related to your posts… At the end, what people wants to read is about your interests, no matter what you’re recommending. Wether it is a book or an USB brand. So get more personal.

5. Ask yourself WHY. Why did you started with this in the first place.

Luckily, I have this first post from the blog to remind me The Why: Aprender a Emprender (there’s only the Spanish version).

You’ll most likely notice a huge difference -if you understand Spanish- on the writing. My writing has evolved throughout these months… the style, the structure and the arc of the post. And I am amazed by this progress… and I hope that you’re too.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for letting me share it with you.


Featured image by 新宇 苏