Microtrends and a passion for art

Microtrends and a passion for art

Individual trends have a powerful strength and global impact. They are forces in society emerging from individual acts designing tomorrow’s future.


The individual power has never been greater and individual choices have never been more difficult to analyze. Yes, we have more data at our reach. We call it Big Data. But it’s useless if we don’t know how to read it. And it basically looks like this:

big data micro tendencias pasion por el arte nur costa escribir

Yes, you’ve guessed it. A hot mess.

So useful information is narrowed down to key metrics and dimensions that are truly basic for an analysis. Everything else is noise. And the ability to discover these metrics is provided by humans. By people. Not by machines.

Because usually, trends are discovered thanks to outliers.

The person who is out of the picture. The not-so-normal.

The one whose behavior alters the general trend.

It seems ironic. Because discovering this person, this small dot far from the rest of the people, is when we can spot a new microtrend. Within this microtrend, there are small communities of people who share similar (or homogenous, marketing terminology) interests and needs.

And that’s how Hipsters where born. End of story.

Is it? No, it continues. And it won’t stop.

“This fits everyone” statement is obsolete. You already knew that. Now it has to be custom-made. Or in the next level, including gamification.

Platforms. Communities. Networks.

People go where their friends are. And these friends went in that particular place, because their other friends were already there.

Confused? Me too.

We claim to be individualists. But we just follow the trends. We want to fit in and follow the crowd.

We are the complainers. We complain about religion. We even make fun of the people who have faith. But we follow the religion of technology. We look at our (smart)phones first thing at the morning, while eating and last thing in the night. Like we are praying or something. To whom? To God? Which God?

No. We pray to the community.

To those who are similar to us.

To those who make us feel comforted.

Because we’re scared of being alone.

Because we’re scared of admitting that if we raise our eyes from the screen, we are in complete solitude.

Meanwhile, let’s be in solitude in a sophisticated way. With a fancy object between our hands. I mean the (smart)phone. So that we can die in peace.

Because that’s the trend we follow now. The networking trend.

Until we see an article on the newspaper stating that technology has to move backwards to become sustainable.

Until more documentaries about Blood Diamonds from Sierra Leone are transmitted on TV.


When a trend reaches 1% of the global population, it is considered a movement.

There’s a 1% of vegans around the world. That’s why 2014 was called the Year of Vegan.

That’s a proof that sometimes there are good trends, within all this universal madness.

Internet has made this global connection easier. I wouldn’t change this for anything in the world. But it has its repercussions.

Like divorce. Suicide. Why? Because we not only have an increasing reach to more stories and products, but also more interesting stories. I rectify: interesting lives. That’s when insatisfaction comes in. What before seemed as good and comfortable, now looks depressing, compared to others.

I applause insatisfaction. It’s the only way to progress. By wanting to change, it’s when we become a better person. I love this as a genuine and personal way. But not when it becomes a trend. A movement. Even couples break up because the woman wanted a Fifty Shades of Grey story.

At what point do we start losing our own identity in each action we do.

To what extent our personal decisions ARE personal. Or are caused by the influence of trends. Or micro trends.

Today someone asked me what I want to be when I grow up. And I got caught off guard.

Even if I think about it every day. I couldn’t give a smart answer.

Even I ask this frequently, I never come up with a conclusion.

I gave a dubitative answer. And I can’t stop thinking about it.

But after a while, I came up with the conclusion that I want to be a writer. I want to have my own company (or companies) that are related with creating content. Valuable content. I want to keep writing every single day and share it.

I want to analyze the new trends, because I am curious about everything, especially on people. I love watching them and meeting them. I enjoy helping them. I love communicating with them. Lead. Breathe. Inspire. And Create. Create art.

Because everything that’s worth seeing and feeling in this life, it’s art.