You won't be happy with your job until you know thyself

You won’t be happy with your job until you know thyself

It’s amazing the amount of emails and comments I get from people who is not happy with their situation, and mostly from millennials.

And their biggest fear is the insecurity of not having had made the right decision on their professional career.

It’s normal, not questionable. After having spent all our lives surrounded by people the same age of us, taking long hours of boring classes, and getting hit on the playground, it is not surprising we feel lost on our future life without this environment. It’s like prisoners that are released and go back to committing crime because they want to return to that comfortable place called prison.

Somehow, the fact that the same people have always surrounded us year after year helps building a barrier on finding out whom we truly are.

We’re not used to spending time alone. Because then it would mean we are being avoidant, and that is a bad thing to do. It is seen as shameful.

I would say: embrace solitude. And enjoy it. There are three easy steps to follow to make the most of this experience:

1. Know thyself to discover what your passion is.

And eventually, what you’re good at doing (or what you think you’re good at –my friend says I can sing. But I think I am a bad singer, so she must totally be deaf).

It is finding that sweet spot, that will allow you to be a better person and a better professional.

This sweet spot is the meeting point of (1) what you enjoy doing the most, (2) what you’re good at, and (3) what society actually wants you to do. They’re demanding something from you.

That, my friend, that’s your sweet spot. 

But for that, you have to investigate. Metaphor time… Find your own scars. Like a writer with its laptop, running his/her fingers all over the keyboard, run your fingers all over your skin. Feel what hurts and ask yourself why. Dig in the scar. Feel what you enjoy and ask again, why.

Or in a less metaphorical context, test yourself. I strongly recommend taking the Myerss Briggs test for personality type. It’s pretty accurate and it’s fun to do. There’s a lot of studies and coverage about this, so you can easily find any information regarding your type online.

Knowing yourself it’s when you’re going to be able to succeed in your future career.

Maybe you’ll be disappointed from the results. Mainly because of the flaws that may come with your personality type. But that’s great news, because guess what, you can always partner someone who has what it takes to complement you. So after making sure you know yourself…

2. Know those who surround you.

After a little research on personality types, you can gain trust and knowledge on the other 15 remaining types. So that by now, you can start relating people you know with the other MBTI Types.

Not only it will help you find a good business partner. But also it will allow you to understand the point of view of those who surround you. You will be able to wear their shoes and become comprehensive for their advantages and flaws.

Nobody’s perfect. Those around you are not perfect. You are not either. So if you detect your needs, you can better know what to offer them that is lacking in their type.

3. Position yourself.

Letting everyone know who you are by stating what you can offer to them.

This makes perfect sense after the internal analysis you previously made. It will become super easy to position yourself as a unique asset (ehem, person…).

It seems so simple and yet so complicated…

It’s complicated indeed. It is a process that requires time. Maybe weeks, months. Or even years. But it is something that must be a priority to you. You should be investing all the time you could on following these steps.

If you’re a millennial, even better. You have a whole decade to find out your sweet spot.

But keep in mind it is not something set in stone. You can evolve it and readjust it overtime. Because not only your needs will change throughout the years, but also the people around you will too.

It’s a constant change. Necessary. And wonderful.


Good luck.


Featured image by 新宇