5 advantages of having your own Blog

5 advantages of having your own Blog

It’s nearly been a year since I first opened this blog. And from the very first post, I haven’t stopped learning new things. That’s one of the advantages of being a blogger: you learn things on your own. With the help of our beloved Google.

Although I am not the most expert blogger out there, I have invested countless hours reading blogs, articles and reports about blogging. So as I have just started, I have this information fresh in my head (because hopefully this will be a long-term-thing, you know. Commitment).

I’m not gonna lie. The other part of the time I wasn’t blogging, I must’ve spent it on Youtube or writing some more. Like fiction and stuff.

So throughout this (almost) whole year, I have learned some advantages of having your own place in the Internet. Far from being dangerous for your reputation or for your personal image, I think it is a great asset that will eventually be favorable for your professional and personal life. So let’s move on to the 5 advantages of having a blog, and why you should have one:

1. It helps you SET UP your presence Online.

Before, if you were not on Facebook, you didn’t exist.

Now, if you don’t have a blog, you don’t exist either.

And usually, people’s advice is not to name your blog after you. But I think it’s better to do it. Here’s why:

With your name in the URL, you start building up your personal brand and a certain reputation. So it’s under your control. No one else will have the domain of your name. So this will help you start generating a movement, or a tribe of people that will follow you and that will like what you’re writing.

For example, if you’re trying to launch a product, to write a book, or to create your own start up, you know that you’ll have some people that will follow your movements to stay informed.

2. Meet new people.

When you have a blog you also have the necessity of surfing the Internet and read blogs (probably more than you previously did). Now, with your own blog, you can actually talk to them with an image. So you’ll be more visible.

However, you also learn a lot on how to structure your blog, your content and the categories by looking at others’ people blogs. And not to mention that you also will learn about SEO and stuff. For real. Those are things that you will only learn by doing them. And honestly, there’s a really simple and easy rule for SEO that I’ve learnt this year: the more content you write, the better SEO you’ll have.

Finally, not only you will benchmark. But also you have to determine what kind of reader will you write for. I wrote that post (from the previous link) in Spanish. If you want it translated into English, comment below asking for it.

3. You become an expert.

Once you’ve decided what are you going to write about and to whom you will write, you will start earning experience on your topic. That will be your positioning, that of course you can adjust overtime. But you’re eventually going to be an expert about that, and people will associate you with the keywords from your blog. That means: reputation.

4. It helps you to be more organized and efficient.

At first, I started writing the posts whenever I had an idea. I would wait until inspiration knocked in my door and I would write anything that was flowing at that moment.

Now I also keep doing this. Because sometimes, the words said in the spur of the moment, are better said. But I started planning ahead. I started planning a posting schedule with certain days and times. So that if I have a period of workload in the Master, I can schedule the posts that are already written and edited ahead. If not, I would go crazy and sleep-deprived by writing things at the last minute (if it was already a week without posting).

Usually the process of making posts to get ideas, getting organized and writing them down, follows this:

It also helps you to maintain a continuous improvement overtime. To create new better ideas. To write better posts. To improve the quality of previous posts. And I could keep going, with a list of endless learnings. But let’s see the last one…

5. It can get you the JOB you want.

It’s a good training to get you started for your professional career. There’s people who have build up their professions from their blogs. Like Seth GodinPenelope Trunk or Leo Babauta among others.

You can even start your own company, as a support for your blog, so that it is easier to get more followers for your company.

Or you can make your blog your own business. Although just a few achieve this, mainly because it has to do with persistence and consistency.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a job in Social Media and Digital Marketing, you MUST have a blog.

Think this way: a blog is a step further towards your digital print on the Internet (=the World).

So it’s your best CV. Your best cover letter.