Books I've read in 2014

Books I’ve read in 2014

I love reading. I read a lot. Many would agree, others would say that they could double my reading habits. Good for them.

I read on the train. I read in the car. I write while I eat (when there’s no company) and I read while I walk. Yes. People walk around the street messaging through WhatsApp, so I can walk while reading my book, can’t I? What’s the difference? The no-attention level is the same in both cases.

Never mind, I love reading. I don’t like TV. Even if I had one, I wouldn’t watch it.

Well, so I guess that by now you’ve got the idea. I will move forward on to talking about books. Once I discovered this social network for readers -yes: there’s a social network for readers- it has been completely easy for me to track the books I read. In fact, I discovered it because one day I was thinking how great it would be to create a social network for people who loves reading. Not only having an Amazon-layout, with reviews. No. A social network that you could also find more authors, books and reviews, share it with your friends and make lists (‘list’osophy). Like Spotify. So, captivated by my own idea, I started to benchmark and I immediately found Goodreads. That’s one of my almost-entrepreneur stories.

That was late 2012. So my first reading challenge started in 2013. And I had challenged myself to read 25 books. For me THAT was a lot. At that time, I did not even read 20 books per year yet. So I even was ambitious. But here are the results:

2013 –> 52 books

2014 –> 49 books

I have read 101 books in two years. At least finished. Because I’ve started so much more books, but haven’t finished them (yet). Not bad, huh? Although I have read 3 books less than the previous year, I have done a lot of writing in this blog and also started this Youtube channel.

From 2014 I want to review those books I loved the most. I’m going to choose 5 fiction novels. Because I have already recommended some entrepreneurial and writing/artistic books. So now it’s time for literary fiction:

  • Hollywood, Charles Bukowski. This was my first taste with the north-american author (born in Germany). It’s a portrait of Californian society (specifically of LA and Hollywood) in the film industry. Chinaski, the protagonist, is Bukowski’s alter-ego. It’s very ironic and funny to read this story. Judge it for your self and read it.
  • Self-Help, Lorrie Moore. Another discovery of the year from this New Yorker author. It’s a collection of bold and smart short stories. A perfect book for your nightstand or to read it in chunks while commuting to work.
  • The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, Joël Dicker. Simply amazing. The plot. The history. The language. And an ode to the writers: the feeling of frustration that generates sitting in front of a blank page. When I finished the book, I lent it to everyone I could. Seriously, read it yourself.
  • High Fidelity, Nick HornbyI love this novel. It’s not only about love and pop music. It is a novel about obsession and rejection. And the importance of the little things. It’s the kind of novel that makes you want to be the main character. I do not know much about music: I like the music  from the 80s and 90s. But I do not understand fashion or music genres. However, it is as if I became expert while reading about Rob, the main character.
  • Fangirl, Rainbow RowellThis is fun: the first book I read from this author I hated it. And I swore I would never read anything by her again. The book Eleanor & Park was absurd and pointless. I hated it, but I finished it because I bought online and cost me €15. And I blamed myself for choosing a book of Young Adult fiction. But in social networks people wouldn’t stop praising Fangirl. So I decided to give it a second chance. I borrowed the book to not feel guilty afterwards for not liking it. What happened? I loved it. It seemed as it was written by an entirely different author. I enjoyed it so much that I think is my favorite fiction book of 2014. The language absorbed me from beginning to the end. It was like a guilty pleasure. Now, I do not have the book in physical copy, I wish I would have bought it. Life Lessons.


For this 2015, I want to read a minimum of 30 books. Being some of them the following:

  1. Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts
  2. Kim, Rudyard Kipling
  3. The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand.
  4. Howl, and Other Poems, Allen Ginsberg
  5. Go Kiss the World, Subroto Bagchi
  6. The Bhagavad Gita
  7. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche
  8. The East of Eden, John Steinbeck
  9. Nothing, Jane Teller
  10. The Road, Cormac McCarthy

What have been your best readings of 2014? 

Have you read some of the some of the ones that I want to read in 2015?