Our Damn Society

Our Damn Society

This post is written by one of my classmates from the Master of Science in Marketing.

He’s Indian. And he is a cynical bastard. But he’s nice to talk to… just kidding. He’s an awesome person. And he wrote this text, but he was unsure where to share it. He doesn’t own a blog, yet he wanted other people to see it.

I offered to publish it in my blog.

He was grateful and he accepted.

But I am the one who has to be grateful.

Not just because he just saved me a lot of time for today’s post… :P But because his message is important to listen to as well. As he comes from a different country and culture (India, for those who were not paying attention), he sees and hear things that Europeans or Americans are not yet sensitive to see (speaking in general terms).

I liked a lot his message. I am glad for that, because I accepted sharing this before reading it.

So I don’t have to fake a smile to him saying it’s actually great. Because it is. Anyway, less talking for my side.

Here is what he wrote Ujjwal Mohindra (the title of this post is also his):

What is this world we are living in? Not one for women apparently. Why is it still neccesary for us to educate the world about women’s rights and issues? Are we that backwards a society that all these are still issues we need to discuss and tackle?

I guess we are, they are certainly not a thing of the past. Can they ever be? Will our society, containing an ever increasing 7 billion inhabitants outgrow this pitiful time where women’s rights are still only talked about and not actually given to them?

That’s the other thing, we still think of these rights as something we need to grant to half the population of the world and not something that is inherent in the society. These archaic views have to be uprooted.

The sad thing is, we already know the solution. It’s all in education, teaching a child, male or female to respect and honour these rights. In a court of law, the burden of proof falls on the victim or the plaintiff. As long as that remains true for crimes violating a woman’s rights, our society will never recover.

The very notion inherent in such crimes is subjugation, and the truth is, having to provide the burden of proof for a rape victim is subjugation by law, even if it is in a very small capacity. This epidemic of such crimes can only be fought by scaring the accused.

There is a strong case to be made for false accusations in such a system, of destroying lives of innocent people. Clearly, and rightfully, the law protects the innocent, until proven guilty. However, this system has been in place for centuries now, and clearly, it is not effective for crimes against women. Where is the honour and nobility in a system that by design let’s the accused go scot – free? That is almost useless for a rape victim? A large number of them don’t even reach the court because of the above mentioned clause.

The accused does not stand trial, and there is no way to determine if someone is guilty or not without a fair trial. The only way to stop this apart from education is to change the laws so that a person is even scared of touching a woman without her consent. It is extreme, and men all around will label this as unjust and unfair. They will be scared. Great, that way we men will have a tiny window into a woman’s daily routine, and how scared and prepared she is everytime she steps out of the house.

It’s about time we stepped in their shoes and experienced a similar fear, which even then is nowhere near the magnitude of what a woman goes through on a normal basis.

Let us look over our shoulders when we walk in a dark alley with a stranger who might cry rape. Imagine, instead of crying rape, actually suffering from the act.

The trade off for me is not cruel enough and we are getting off quite easy if false accusations are the only threat we face. We say that women will use this to frame men, but is it so hard to trust women to behave responsibly? After all, our current laws trust men to behave responsibly, clearly, women can’t do worse than us. The bar is indeed set very low.

Thanks Ujjwal for letting me share your thoughts. I would like you to have your own blog (to leave mine alone).

Just kidding: because you truly are one GREAT writer among other things. I genuinely wish you the best for whatever your objectives in life are.

And you, reader, what are your thoughts in this matter? Thanks for sharing.