Create your own personal branding logo

Create your own personal branding logo

I wrote about personal branding in previous posts. It’s a great tool to know yourself better by identifying those characteristics that define you the best among the rest of the people. And once you identify them, it’s about time to make them worthy. This post is about awakening your desire to explore what your brand would be like.

It’s common to think that graphic designers can create a logo easier. They have the resources and the knowledge to do it. And maybe, since you’re not a graphic designer yourself, you think that you don’t need a logo like they have. Because they’re the artistic ones: that’s what they work demands. So that privilege is reserved to them. But unfortunately, this is wrong: you need to shine whatever it is the job you’re doing. So you have to put a lot of effort to stand out from the rest. And be memorable. They’re going to recognize you for what you do great.

It doesn’t matter you come from a small town and you’ve made your place to the city. Or that you’ve completely changed your lifestyle since you came back from Asia. Or that you decided to become vegan. Or even if you’re known for playing the guitar. Or you just got a scuba diving license. All of this, or just one of these things will be a connection to other people. Or it may be a pretext for others to disconnect from you. It doesn’t matter, because you’re not going to be liked by everyone either way. So share what you like, what you’re good at, and let people who have the same passion as yours to find you.

Find attached below some inspiration for your logo design. I hope you find them useful and eye-opening.

Use a specific image to represent the name of your brand like these:



logo high fashion designer

logo logo logo personal


Or on the other hand, you just want to show a symbol as your whole logo. You can play with the negative spaces:



logo black bear logo personal


wineforest logo personal empresa




Or incorporate your name to that cool image you designed:




logo de tu marca personal

sex logo personal branding



Or you can simply write your whole name in a fancy calligraphy and play with the colors and shapes:



personal brand logo marca personal

Cursive, bold, legible or illegible. You choose.

Or simply pick up a cool photography with the colors of your choice, and type your initials on it:


As you can see, there’s endless options on the Internet. There’s even webpages that were created for the solely purpose of creating a logo. And for free! You can also get inspired by social networks like Pinterest or Tumblr. Just type what you want on Google or Pinterest, and get prepared to be enlightened.

To build your logo from scratch, you must know yourself, understand who you are and how you want to be perceived. That’s what I love about marketing. Marketing is the art of managing the link between how you want to be perceived and how others perceive you. So that’s why you have to stay true to yourself. For that, take a piece of paper and decide how you want to be perceived. Take a color that represents you. Write down why. Brainstorm. Write whatever crosses your mind.

It’s like when you practice your signature. You want it to represent your personality but at the same time, it has to look as a fast and light gesture for you to make.That’s right: easy and fast but crafted. And beautiful, sure. But unlike a logo, the signature is very simple. There are no nuances added. With a logo you get the complete whole picture of it: you can make it as elaborate as you want. Because you’ll be reproducing it, not “crafting” it each time you hand out your business card.

So it’s in your power to decide wether you want an elaborate or a simple logo. It has to define your personality.

I encourage you to create your personal logo and use it in your social networks and/or for your email signature. You can also use the image as your Thumbnail for Twitter or Blogger (if you’re into the Blogger or Gravatar community). Or in any other social network, use it as you want.

In 2012 Harvard Business Review published this article stating that interaction through social networks boosts and helps productivity. I don’t know if I completely agree, I haven’t decided yet. But I do agree that social networks help you manage your time.

To finish with, I’ll leave you the logo I used last year for my blog while in San Diego. I didn’t design it, this talented girl made it for me. Let me know what you think of it ;) and if I get to communicate my message correctly with it.

Logo Nuria Costa