At what point did we start taking control of our lives

At what point did we start taking control of our lives

At what point the world stops its pace for us to let us decide who we are and where are we going.

Countless times we’ve been told how important is to study or to have a degree from a well-known University. That we must study history, while we are still young, to understand who we are and where we’re going. That’s what teachers told us over and over again in school.

However, years go by and we don’t even ask ourselves who we are. Each of us, as an individual.

This is a huge mistake because we end up worrying about stupid stuff that we put ourselves as obstacles, from an early age, for no reason. This distracts us from the things that are truly important. For instance, doing homework. Meanwhile, no one explains to us how important it is to manage your time with efficiency and how important it is to set goals and objectives (and how to set them). Or how important is to have initiative. How important it is to spend time alone, with yourself, investing it with the stuff we like doing. How important it is to ask questions and find the solutions in the most diversified manner possible.

In the real life, outside the school, we will have less and less time for our friends, family, partying or spending time doing what we love and nurtures our souls. Be it painting, dancing, running, cooking…

We are experts to fill up our time doing things that are not as half as important as spending time with, for instance, our partner. And this doesn’t help us to sleep.

More than once in our live we deprive ourselves from our own dreams. Our biggest passions in life. How’s that? And why? And while dreaming, when we abruptly wake up, from the wake up call of the real life, the one we chose even though we don’t like it, our heart has a little panic attack. But the following error we commit is to think that “it is too late anyway”. When, truth be told, it is NEVER too late to know yourself. At least a little bit better.

But, when is it a fortunate moment to start following your dreams? Following them without having the connotation of children of being too naive. 

When is it fortunate, to redirect your life, without the “adults” pointing you with their fingers, mentioning how childish and naive you are?

When is it the right time to tell those people, that the child may have a more realistic point of view of a live than theirs?

Fotografía tomada por Ingrid Ribas. Excelente fotoperiodista en Barcelona.