10 blogs I consistently read

10 blogs I consistently read

Writing is an exercise that needs to be nurtured, besides practicing it. Just like anything else. Therefore, having a good source of income is fundamental, and by that, I mean stuff to read. I originally wrote this post in Spanish, so there were a couple of blogs in Spanish. You can read the original too, but I changed those ones into English blogs which I also follow, so that you get the 10 blog recommendations as well in case you don’t speak Spanish.

Find below a list of blogs I consistently read for inspiration, fresh ideas and succulent words.

Penelope Trunk. She’s been the top one on my list for months now. You probably already know her, so I don’t have much to say about her. I am just amazed on how genuine and smart her posts are. I first started reading her career-related posts. But now, although I am 21 years old with no plans of having kids any time soon, I am hooked in her homeschooling posts. She’s so honest, real and transparent, that I can’t stop reading about her personal struggle of homeschooling her kids. She’s such an inspiration to me, that I even acknowledge her as an aspirational referent. If you haven’t already, you’d better read her blog now ;)

Seth Godin is an expert in marketing. Specially in digital marketing. He knows about personal branding. I would dare say that he must be such a fun person to have a coffee with. He also puts into practice the “posting daily” mantra in his blog. His content is always excellent and genuine. If I ever get the chance, I would love to share thoughts related to consumer behavior and marketing, in general, with him. His blog it’s great for motivation.

cassieboorn She’s a great blogging advisor. Her niche and specialization are very clear: how to blog. Her posts are full of tips and tricks on how to easily learn to blog as well as digital marketing. She also offers a free Ebook which I strongly recommend if you’re starting your blog or you’re thinking about creating one. Here’s the link. Enjoy and start writing!

Amy Lynn Andrews is another expert about blogging. She’s got a completely different style from Cassie Boorn and she often uses very detailed instructions on how to blog. So it’s completely useful when you are starting out a blog (and you honestly have no idea how to do it). You can check her blog if you’re looking for a different advice or style rather than Cassieboorn’s style.

Lifehacker it’s about the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, working and technology. Just another magnificent blog about the latest topics ;)

Medium it’s a blogging platform in which everyone can publish a post from their blog (or just a raw new one) so that you can link your blog (if you have one) for more visits in the future. The posts are all written in English. I’ve just posted this one so far. I hope to continue writing more posts (or translating) into English so that I can publish them also in Medium.

Writability gives advice on writing and how to write in a blog. This blog it’s the perfect solution whenever I need some tips on how to approach something and write it down. It’s like private writing lessons :) for free!

Helping Writers Become Authors it’s one of my favorite English blogs as well. As you may have guessed, this blog by K.M. Weiland is about helping writers to write. This simple. She coaches writers on writing. And I’m more than happy that she took that initiative, so that I can today read her blog almost daily. And become a better writer little by little.

Make a Living Writing is another writing blog. Carol is a sweet and genuine writer who gives the most practical advice I’ve found on the Internet so far. I may have cheated in this one, because I haven’t read it for long now. I’ve just discovered it recently, but I am more than glad I did: I spent around 2 hours reading posts by her when I first discovered her.

And last, but not least, Guy Kawasaki’s blog How To Change the World. His blog it’s not very updated. But he’s got a very clever point of view and interesting way of writing, and I often go back to his blog reading old posts. I like how he thinks.

All these people have one thing in common. Maybe many other things. But I ignore how many. I just can say, that this something in common, this is what I’d like to get in my future. This is what I want to cultivate throughout my blogging experience: learning how to become independent. Staying interested for many things.

The biggest error that one can commit is to surrender into any interest in life. There are plenty of things that we can become interested to. Some of them, we’ll be good. Some others, we won’t. And some of them, we’ll love spending time doing them. We have a whole live to figure this out. No matter we’re 7 or 65 years old. We can always stay interested and excited for things in life.

I want to grow old and stay interested into several things… but also, knowing that I still have lots to learn. Always learning. I don’t want to stop getting amazed for things, neither fail to surprise my loved ones.